Building Child’s Potential, A Guide For your child’s true self

Building Child's Potential

Building Child’s Potential is one of the concern of the parents. As all of us love children. We fulfill all their demands and also pamper them. As they grow, many a times they throw tantrums. Sometimes their demands are such which are not reasonable. In order to make them disciplined we start scolding and coaxing them all the time. We forget that some children are very sensitive, and as such their personality is totally suppressed. They become quiet, become inexpensive, can’t take decisions some of them also become slow learner’s because they loose confidence and think that they cannot do anything right. 

Building Child's Potential

Building Child’s Potential

Here we parents have to be smart parents right from the beginning. we should make children understand the meaning of word ‘NO’. We should maintain the balance between love and discipline. We should rapidly try to resolve the conflicts, misunderstanding with and creat positive environment.

We should nurture ourself and our child to communicate and show up as we are most authentic ourself both with each other and others. We also set positive example for our child, and create an environment of consistency where our words and actions are beautifully aligned.

Motivating the child to inspire and to evolve to their fullest potential. We should not suffocate the child through school discipline or threats. With the help of true and best nurturing of the child we can bring about the best in the child. He will be free to express and we will be able to recognize his natural instincts and potential. Individual differences in personality and feelings of self-worth can influence a child’s approach to social situations and academic achievement. 

Building Child's Potential

We should very carefully observe and try to understand the actions of our child. Parents can also shape children’s self-worth right from birth. When they provide a positive response to an infant’s actions it provides them with their first experiences of having a positive impact on the world.

To conclude I would say selfhood starts at birth, but children don’t start expressing an “idea of me” until toddlerhood. Children then start to gather information about themselves and store autobiographical material, starting a life narrative that guides their responses to the world.

Needs And Demands Of Children, How To Differentiate With Solutions

Children are very sensitive when it comes when taking care of them. They have certain Needs and demands which have to be fulfilled by the parent. Keeping in mind what is benificial in building their potential. They might turn out to the best if handled with immense care and could alos take wrong path if not handeled with care. When it comes to kids they are like sponge that absorbs what ever is near to them. In other words they are like the clay that you can mold whichever way you want.

Toddler (0-5)

Toddler playing

The new born babies are the hype in any household and they are the most pampered. And why should not be they are the new members of the family. Every thing goes good till the kid is 2 years of old and when he enters the 3rd year he has to handled with utmost care. As your child could either be a angry little boy who could throw tantrums at you just because you do not let him use a mobile phone or his favourite toy while eating or doing any other thing.

To deal with Infants, one must be very careful as they are the most impressionable stage of their life. To much exposure to anything could land you up in a very difficult state.

There is no particular method for building child’s potential, but one must take some things in consideration like the usage of the things which they do the most. In some cases mobile phones or tablet. Secondary thing is to interact with them more play with them give them more time. Take time from your busy schedule and impart them with general knowledge. Make them understand the meaning of no.

Middle aged(5-12)

Building Child's Potential

This age group is very sensitive to what is going on around them. And most of the time they try to take attention of the parents, family, and people around them as they have a very small world of their own.

To help them you have to give them time as they need you for your support. This is the time when they first get the exposure to the outside world by going to the schools and attending curricular activities. Thus you have to make sure what they absorb as they are like sponge. They imitate what they see and hear.

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