Fourteen Days Of Sunshine In The Prison

Fourteen Days Of Sunshine

Fourteen Days Of Sunshine In The Prison is our new love story that is out of the box. As the name says for itself. Its a story of 2 pole apart people. How they indulge in love in just 14 days of the meeting. Keeping it fresh and spicy it is for actual that our two love birds are from the different sides of the planet. With different cultures but similar circumstances. And here we start our story without further ado.

Fourteen Days Of Sunshine

Fourteen Days Of Sunshine: Trespassing is a severe crime but crossing borders is a federal crime. Our 2 love birds are anonymous border crossers who fall in love in jail. And after getting deported back to their countries they meet again. So I will introduce the girl Sel who is a Bangladeshi resident and in order to survive, she comes to India by wrong means. She lives with her mother and her brother and is the only one who pays for the errands. On the other hand, our boy who’s named Many is from Russia and is a small arms dealer. He forges his passport and comes to India too for an arms deal. While Sel is also headed to India in search of job and money and while crossing the border She meets a man named Rick who is a local boy who lives on the border and helps the people to cross. So like every time Rick manages to make people cross the border but this time the military police caught them in trespassing. And Sel landed up in a prison.

Fourteen Days Of Sunshine: On the Other hand, Many came for a small arms deal but was caught too and sent to the same Prison where Sel was kept. They both were in the same Prison and in the adjacent Chambers where they could not see each other. But could talk to each other. One evening Sel was crying and Many listened to her cry and said stop crying I am trying to sleep. To this, she said why can’t I cry in this country. He said no I was sleeping but stop crying. It will not help you. See if you want you can talk to me. She said what is there to talk about. He said yes there is nothing but your voice is amazing. I can’t imagine what you would look like with this sweet voice. She said stop caring too much about me. I do not know you. He said no worries we will still not be meeting after this prison. But we can be friends here and after this, you will be your way and me mine. I do not know you and do not want to but what can we do till then just pardon me and starts singing a song. Sel said your voice is good how come you are here. He said that I was caught selling arms to a buyer in this country. And they are searching for evidence but I have hidden everything away long before they came to arrest me. Then the warden came and opened the gates of the cells but as Sel was a girl she went to the Female cafeteria for lunch and Many similarily on the men Side they never got the chance to meet each other that day but the next day it was movie night and all the prisoners’ men or women were sitting under one roof and watching the movie. Sel was looking for many but as she has not seen his face so could not meet her.

Fourteen Days Of Sunshine: On the 10th day, the military police called them both separately and said they will be deported to their countries and Sel came in the cell and said that you know I have a good news Many I will be sent back to my country with my parents. He said wow and I also got good news they didn’t find any proof of me selling and arms so I will also be getting deported. But I have to wait for the next four days till my lawyer comes and bails me. She said wow I was not expecting this to happen so suddenly. And now am I happy for both of us.

From here the two love birds started to fall for each other as they talk to each other every day and were in a good mood. they shared stories of their childhood and how they came here. but one the 13th day Sel had to leave for her country. And Many was upset that now he is going to miss her. But what could he do She left and Many stayed that night awake and was thinking about Sel and how would she look. Now that he was also released on the 14th day. He came back to his country. He was unhappy as he was missing the sunshine that Sel brought to his life. Like cracking old and lame jokes. Laughing at his foolish adventure stories and applauding to his singing. On the other hand, Sel was also going through the same trauma. She started keeping quiet and then finally to push her. One of her knowns fixed her job in a small company.

Fourteen Days Of Sunshine: Then after two years, Many got a deal in Bangladesh for arms. So he came to Bangladesh thinking in mind that what if he could meet Sel and he got off to the airport and a lady came to receive him and took him to the hotel and said that my boss will be meeting you in the evening so you relax here and wait For him. He kept his luggage and tried to remember the name of the place where Sel used to live and went for in search of Sel but was not able to find her. So in the evening, he came back for the deal. and The lady came and her boss came for the deal. The boss said so young man what do you have in for me. Any hot shots or just the regular old. Hearing this the lady giggled and Said boss be patient. Then and there Many Got a Deja Vu of that giggling and when remembered it was of Sel. At that time He didn’t say anything but later when the deal was over. He went to the lady and asked is your name Sel. The lady said yes. Why do you ask? He said do you remember a man Many. She said yes. and he said that well I am Many the man you met in the prison in India. After saying this both came down to tears and expressed how much they love each other. And The End.

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