The Journey To The North of India

The Journey To The North

The Journey To The North Of India our latest story on the secret culture of India. Welcome! Aboard, dear mates to your own 2 min space of Fiction and Fantasy. We have a hot and sizzling story for you especially crafted to make your mind go crazy. A story that is full of unseen and unwitnessed myths with a pinch of a thriller. So without further ado, let us start the story.

In the lone forests of Himalayas, there are many tribes living there and they have some connection with nature. They have survived for all these years without coming in the light. Their existence is just fictional as no one has seen them as they are still nomads. But for their survival, they capture tourists who they find stranded in the jungles. And here we are talking about them as one of the captured ran away from them. He is now the most successful person as he has enlightened himself with the techniques that the tribals taught him.

The Journey To The North: He runs the biggest company in the world and has ventured into many arts of living and exploration of life. He is the only survivor of the tribe. One fine day he was sitting in his office and a journalist came into interview him and asked for his secret and he said that if you want to know I will tell you but you have to sell me something that you can’t sell. To this, the journalist said that the only thing she can’t sell is her soul. The man said voila! you hit it right and now that you wanna sell your soul to me you will be from now on my disciple. I will teach you to channelize yourself and my secret. So this is the time when I was a young journalist like you and went on making a report on the Indian culture. I took a motorcycle and roamed India. There I saw a lot of strange things as the people are very concerned with ideologies and faith. I roamed in the Himalayas and took a road that took me to a farm in the west of the Himalayas.

There when I reached I was not able to breathe and lost my consciousness. Then one man came and stood me up and took me with him. He served me food and said me too wait in the attic till the leader came. Then came the leader and taught me the techniques of killing and hunting and chasing. Others taught me to nature and its diversity. The third one made me hard enough to swallow down my all secrets till I die. There were total Nine of them and all of them taught me every single thing I needed to know. After 12 years of my dedication when I asked to leave they said that I have to be with them forever. Then I tried to escape many times but as many tries I made, I came to the exact location every time. So then they caged me and kept me as a prisoner for two years and then finally one day I got a clear chance of getting rid of them as I gained there trust once again and daily I killed one of them till I kill them all and leave that place.

The Journey To The North: Finally, I was alone there and wandered the whole place but still every time I tried I failed as I didn’t know the existence and one day I met a girl who was gazing her cattle and I approached her and got through the exit as it was a gate between two mountains and one of her sheep came through the gate and met me. she took me to the road and I reached the bus station. So I used my techniques and crafted some antiques and sold till I get enough money and it really went good so I bought a shop in which I sold antiques and a food joint of the culinary that the tribe taught me. I was doing so well that people came to visit my food joint and there my business agenda started. This is my story of how I escaped that place but rising of nothing was not an easy task. I traded my knowledge with the people who came looking for me and I opened my business with just information that I got from those monks. To this, the journalist said what did they taught you that you build this empire. And he said humans are a chain of brains who have impressions on each other and they carry forward what you want to say its just like a ripple in the water. And as I am telling you I have shared this story with my partners who invested in my plans. and they successfully were completed be it going out of the earth for exploring or deep down in the sea. I have connections everywhere in government in secret services. most of the campaigns are not even shown to the public as they are all truths which normal people can not find about.

The Journey To The North: And then the journalist said that stop right there as I am the girl who met you at the gate gazing the cattle. I am no ordinary girl I was looking for that tribe as my father was captured by them and I was looking for him and then I finally met you but you were in such a hurry that you left and now that I have managed to meet you I want to meet my father. To this, the man said I can not do so as I killed all people there and no one was left. But I knew your father you reminded me of him when I met you that day I didn’t want to tell you that day but now that I have told you I am really sorry. So I would resell you your soul for killing your father and you are free to go.

After saying this the man left for a meeting and the journalist was never seen after that day.

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