Top 5 Movie Actors: The 90s Superstars That Carried their legacy in 2020

Top 5 Movie Actors

Top 5 movie actors are hard to tell but we had to as these superstars have given whole new limits to the Bollywood movies. There are stars who are really famous and then come to the superstars that have their own legacy. these are the one who has a fan following not just for their movies but also for their character and their legacy. Some stars who have shown their best of the talents were before the 90s and they were some real heroes. But in 90s the whole cinema got changed as some prominent stars were introduced in Bollywood. And they had very appealing acting. Some of them are presented below.

Top 5 Movie Actors

Bollywood doesn’t stop for anyone be it any superstar but one thing is sure is for sure that hard work does give the positive outcomes. Like in the case of Rajnikanth the famous movie celebrity he started his journey from very low and similarily Shahrukh Khan he too started it from scratch.


Top 5 Movie Actors: The most celebrated and one of the successful movie actors in Bollywood started his journey from buses as a bus conductor. He and his class-apart acting made his way to the big screen. His famous style of holding a cigarette and many more made his presence appealing. He gave many hits in the Bollywood but he is more popular in the south or you can say Tollywood. He is a legend and has been continuing his legacy since.

Akshay Kumar

A Punjabi boy who struggled a lot to be what he is now. he also started his career with other work and then finally ending up in the Bollywood. he was a chef and a karate instructor before coming into the industry. he too gave many hits and was one of a kind. he is one of the most successful movie stars in the industry. he finally ended up marrying Twinkle Khanna daughter of Rajesh Khanna. He since then has been doing the best of him and is one of the most tax-paying citizen of the country.

Shahrukh Khan

The Badshah yes as he is known in Bollywood for his best on-screen acting. he too is one of the successful actors in the industry giving hits like MY Name Is Khan, Deewana, and many more but his journey was not as easy as it seems. He has worked in the theater and has also worked in a circus in his initial days of struggle he got his break in the 90s and from then he has not looked back. He is also known as the king khan of the Bollywood.


Top 5 Movie Actors: The evergreen actor and a hilarious dancer and comedian. who has proved that he is still the best of them all? He has done movies more in comedy genres like raja babu and many more. he also came into limelight in the 90s and his career was at the peak in the 90s and 20s but due to nepotism and all the flaws of the Bollywood he lagged and was dismissed but he later tried to come back but was not successful.

Aamir Khan

Aamir Khan is one of the most subtle actors in the Bollywood and his movies are epic and hilarious he has done many movies and many of them were great hits like Andaz Apna Apna co-starring with Salman Khan and he too was a great and still is a great actor now he only gives one movie per year with a phenomenal response like the movie Dangal.

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