Bike Companies In India: The bikes that are worth riding for the fun.

Bike companies in India

Bike Companies In India make bikes that are of a very economic nature. They have the best of the mileage. But they lack looks and speed. Bike from different companies is Hero, Honda, or Bajaj. They have both segment bikes. Ranging from heavy bikes to economical bikes. Whereas Royal Enfield is the only company that gives you the bike with a full cruiser nature. Hero gives more of economical and budget-friendly bikes. Some of the bikes are very good according to the streets and roads of India like Bajaj Pulsar and Yamaha R15. They have both the speed and the looks. Similarily talking of other bikes like Hero splendor or Bajaj Platina they have the economical mileage but lack looks and speed. Some bike companies are mentioned for just your fun.

Bike Companies In India

As mentioned above there are many companies in India that manufacture bikes. Some are really good and economical according to the pocket of the Indian citizen. Some of the are mentioned here.

Royal Enfield

Royal Enfield Is one of the oldest bike companies in India. And is a made in India product? It has been the choice of many Indians as the rough and tough nature of these bikes come into many models. Ranging from Electra to Classics. The Bikes come into 2 different CC engines One is 350 and the other is 500. Both the Electra and Classic come into 2 variants as I said.


Bike Companies In India: Bajaj is also a made in India range of bikes as it is an Indian company. It has many variants that come into many types of engines. Its most successful model Pulsar is the craze in India. As it is both budget-friendly and has promising looks. They Pulsar itself comes into many variants 150cc, 180cc, and 220cc and is also known as the fastest Indian. Its other models are very economical in mileage like Platina and discover.


A racing motorbikes company presenting a wide range of premium racing bikes. In India, The company has manufactured bikes into many segments. Ranging from mediocre to high budget. The bikes are in less or pocket-friendly budget include Yamaha Crux, FZ, and many more. In the higher segment, it has Yamaha R15 and many more.

Hero Moto Corp

Bike Companies In India: The hero is one of the oldest motorbike companies in India. It is also one of the made in India companies. It has given India the Best of the biking experience as it has made bikes for the mediocre range from Hero Passion, passion pro, Splendor, and many more. Previously it was in a joint venture with Honda a Japanese Motorbike and car Company and now has been detached from it as it was previously also dealing in cycles.


Honda is a Japanese Bike and Car company it had a joint venture with Hero previously. Now it has a wide range of motorcycles from mediocre range to high-end bikes. The budget-friendly bikes include Honda Shine and many more. It has a wide range of low-level bikes i.e scooty for a comfortable ride in the urban areas.

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