The bond between siblings: how to maintain your connection with your sibling

bond between siblings

“Blood is thicker than water ” this idiom must have written by the researcher after observing the bond between siblings. Every time when they fight the bond keeps on increasing because they understand each other more at the end of the fight. Not only the younger one understands but many times even the elder sibling learns something new, that is separate from being elder he/she doesn’t accept the fault. The time comes when they grow they become best friends and share all good or bad experiences of their life. They develop built-in friendships for life. We must have observed so many step-siblings also agreeable and adoptive relationships. 

The parents also have an important role to create a bond in their siblings because the quality of their siblings bond can matter a great in their life. Being a sensible parent never compare your siblings, try to find the reason for conflict and manage the rivalry. Divide the chores work amongst them, work in small household projects as a team, be good listeners, and fare in judgment, have fun together, train them on how to disagree respectfully. The parents should put in the effort to be the role model of their children.

The quality of sibling relationships is the most important predictor of mental health in old age.”According to The American Journal of Psychiatry. Research shows that people who are emotionally close to their siblings have higher life satisfaction and lower rates of depression later in life. In times of stress or trauma, siblings can provide essential emotional and monetary support.” To develop healthy adult relationship one has to forget the past or all those bitter experiences of childhood, when you had big fights, when you felt that parents were biased, your sibling got a better gift on birthday and many more incidents which reminds the bitterness about your relationship. Sharing each other’s experiences, acknowledge past sources of pains, and acknowledge them to heal also bound great relationships. Nowadays rarely people live in joint families. When the families grow everyone likes to live independently. Distances increase while living separately. To maintain longer and stronger relationships with your siblings you should meet each other frequently. The love language is encouraging words,gift-giving, physical touch, and closeness, serving others and spending quality time is sibling’s favorite. “Thus the sibling relationship is emotionally powerful and critically important not only in childhood but over the course of a lifetime. It can provide a source of continuity thorough out the span of life.”
Prabhu says, “None of our relationships are perfect but taking an initiative or making the other person feel that you care and are there for them does make a difference. Efforts are needed in any relationship and an attitude of not taking it for granted is very important. “

By Sadhna Khanna

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