Entrance exam guide: A Teachers guide to crack the entrance exam

Entrance exam guide

Entrance exam guide: When our child passes class 10th, without wasting a single day, instead of patting or encouraging our child we start off with, “Aaj se hi entrance ki taiyari shuru kar de.” We start inquiring about good teachers, coaching centers, books, guides, and borrowing our best friends’ children’s notes and whatnot.

We also start thinking and arranging the finances to pay the heavy payments of tutors and coaching centers. I also heard people saying to their children, “you will have to study at least 18-20 hours to achieve 95%plus marks in12th along with the high score of the entrance test to get admission in the leading college.” Does anyone think about the aptitude of the child? How much labor can he put in, which enables him to fetch the score as per the demand of his parents?

When the child cannot give the result as per the parent’s choice in both 12th as well as in the entrance test. Then he has to get prepared in listening to their coaxing and sarcasm till the time he doesn’t get settled in life.

Now as a parent we should carefully try to understand the aptitude and caliber of our child. Then we should allow and support him to streamline his schedule as per his comfort. 

Most of the schools keep guiding their students from time to time by giving them tips to hit the entrance tests and by arranging various seminars and enlightening workshops. The teacher’s tips are the best ‘Guide’ to guide the students to crack the entrance test. If a few important tips are adopted by the children, I am sure an average student can also come out with flying colors.

First of all, you should have a clear vision of what actually you want to do. You should not put your hands in too many things. Keep your mind calm, focused, and alert. You should be aware of the format of the test for which you are going to sit beforehand. Collect all the related data and the material you require. This will help you to save time. Access yourself how much extra time you can devote keeping beside your school timings and schedule.while putting so much hard work you should also keep a check on the mental state of your mind. If sometimes you are confused, feeling blank just get up and talk to someone, unmute yourself. ” remember communication is the key to success “. Always study in chunks, have a short break in between. At a stretch do not sit more than an hour or 45 minutes. Take fresh air, take a short walk in the room or in the balcony, don’t study in low light it becomes depressive. Always go and inspect the area and shorter route to your examination center a few days before the exam. The planning should be done once only, you should prepare easy topics first it will boost your preparation and make you feel motivated. Always keep separate time for difficult topics. Try to access your strengths and make use of them to overcome your weaknesses. “Too many cooks spoil the broth”. So, don’t consult and make a pile of too many books around you and your place of study. This creates too much confusion. During your exam don’t make haste to answer the question try to comprehend if it’s creating problem leave it for the end and proceed. Never keep reading all options of the answer, just read and think of two possibilities, then think about the more possible answer do comparative study of the two, and then tick the appropriate answer which you feel is correct.

Have sound sleep, eat healthy food, go out for nature walk, listen to the music which brings positivity to your mind and also don’t get indulged in unnecessary arguments. 

As it is said, “Practice makes the man perfect”. So, practice, practice, and practice. You will surely achieve success.  Even now also you want to join some coaching center or want to engage a special teacher it’s your choice. “Good luck.”

By Sadhna Khanna

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