Self Anxiety and Depression: Understanding and solving self anxiety

Self Anxiety and Depression

Self Anxiety and Depression: Sudden happiness, sudden sadness, retaining the shocks for longer periods, etc disturbs the mental state of mind. An increase in anxiety level disturbs life and as such we tend to take wrong decisions which sometimes not good for us, as a result, we along with ourselves we create problems for our family.

The relationship between anxiety, self-esteem, and depression perceives the body. All these arise due to the complex. When the situation threatens to meet basic human needs and attempt to restore control, people may cope with their anxiety in different ways.

For example, anxiety over different threatened needs may cause powerless people either to be hyper-vigilant towards those in power or to discount negative information about them and align with them. Just as people who are anxious because of social powerlessness may attempt to restore control by social cognitive processes, trait-anxious people may attempt to restore control by their impression formation strategies.

No doubt in chronic and serious cases we have to consult a psychologist or psychiatrist, but in daily routine when the problems come our way we should divert our mind. We should listen to the music, just go out and admire the nature, listen to the chirping of birds or practice meditation. We can also explore our hobbies– can research in which fields we are good in. Our hidden talents will come out which benefits us as well as the society. Competing with friends or doing comparisons will disturb our minds. Thinking positive about ourselves will solve many things. 

By Sadhna Khanna

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