Unemployment in India: Why is the government still silent

unemployment in India

Unemployment in India: When I happen to visit malls and markets, I see many average educated boys and girls standing at every entry and exit gate, outside every shop checking and safeguarding our belongings. I see many people employed in many places, I feel they are not begging or getting into wrong practices.

But still there many highly educated, semi-educated, noneducated, people are unemployed in our country. Immediately it gets into our mind ” Is the government silent about unemployment in India.” Not being policy employment has no history correlation with election outcomes. This partially due to change in methodology giving more weight to educated people, who have always had higher unemployment rates than illiterates. Employment is a worry for the government but formal sector jobs are increasing fast. Many of those people also counted as unemployed those who are actually investing the time in searching the jobs. PM’s announcement of a 10% quota for the weaker economic sector of all castes.

There is also an issue with illiterates taking up whatever job is available as well as leaving whenever they feel or just for the sake of little increase. The rate of high school leavers is also higher than that of educated and highly educated people. As and when education level rises people immediately leave their jobs and start looking for another job and as such that period is also recorded in unemployment. For most people, the job means the government job, but how many prefer to go in government jobs.

No doubt nowadays a government employee is also well paid. Actually there is a big problem in front of the government is in the distribution of jobs between various castes. Government jobs are dominated by rural caste many of them don’t qualify the eligibility and feel their right to get the job. We can understand that job was created but due to nonqualified people, the work is not completed which burdens the government to outsource the work or to employ more people.

The upper-class people feel unfairly left out. I know many people also take up the jobs in the private sector and due to contract which is over,  due to not achieving the targets or by the personal references of the known person the employee has to leave the job and is counted as unemployed. For the first time, the upper class will be benefited from quota as per the qualifications. 

Thus we see the government is not silent but somehow we are also responsible due to which the exact date doesn’t come in front of the government. I hope after becoming a fully developed country our government will also start giving unemployed stipends to people. This will also help to overcome the malpractices in government as well as the non-governmental sector. 

By Sadhnaravi Khanna

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