School and e-commerce: The commercialization of education.

School and e-commerce

School and e-commerce: During the 21st century, the internet has become a powerful tool in the field of education. Web affiliated and online learning is also known as e-learning is higher and fastest-growing. e-learning is increasing rapidly in the world due to its unlimited nature. It’s also accessible to everyone, anywhere.

No doubt the concept of classroom education is a source of imparting face to face education and consider to be highly live demonstrating.e-learning is abolishing the need of human educators because each and everything is being communicated via email and web material. The concept of education has become a commodity. “The commercialization of education ” in its racism forgotten in imparting the real values and the conventional methodology. e-learning is sponsored by many advertisements to make high profits. Now the education is linked by the brand name where the ultimate aim is to make maximum profits.

The “smart school ” concept is getting popular in all the schools and as such both indulged in the path of commercialization. A big amount is charged by the e-commerce companies, which is further chargeable from the parents as the school fees. Even at the child’s kindergarten age. Though all the reputed institutions have very talented and highly educated staff. “My question is from all the educational institutions aren’t we ruining the talent of brainy people.

They are bound to teach within the boundaries of e-modules and as such unable to impart their creative thinking ideas which are imbibed in the learner’s mind especially at an early age which leaves the impact for a whole life. Education is considered as the noblest profession. The students used to have the maximum respect for the teacher as “GURU ” in society. It is very much clear now that education is subjected to the consent between educational institutions and parents. Due fear, for the sake of the child’s career the parents are also paying the heavy charges demanded by the institutions. 

The primary objective of teaching is vanished due to the commercialization of education and it has impacted a negative impact. There is no quality education and the ultimate motive is only to make high profits. The concept of pragmatism is no more. “Right of education” is not applicable at all asper Indian constitution instead it has become “Education for rich”.The private e-learning institutions don’t have qualified faculty members they keep inviting reputed people who are already working to give guest lectures and to conduct webinars. Evening coaching centers are also flourishing, poor children who want to excel join these centers run by their own teachers in the evening. OH! MY GOD.

The poor parent again shells out money for their child in order to provide him a bright career. I want to ask, “are we buying education?” I can’t understand this.” Here the concept of the noble profession is totally shattered. It is changing with respect to time. Again the question,” will the commercialization of education satisfy everyone’s as per the demand of the modern society in India.

We have adopted the western culture in all the other aspects. Our government should provide totally free education till high school, all schools should be merged under one umbrella. The high school education should enable the child to earn and self finance his higher education. 

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