Lunch Break For Kids: What Are The Basic Requirements

Lunch Break For Kids

Lunch Break For Kids: All children who go to school don’t eat breakfast in the morning before going to school. As they are in a hurry to catch the school bus or the school starts early or some due to lack of time in the morning they don’t get fresh. If we talk about government schools most of them have two shifts in the school. That’s why the schools start early and their lunch break is also short.

Lunch Break For Kids: Children gulp their food to save time for playing and in the remaining time. Or they eat little and run out to play. If we talk about smaller children they are slow and can’t finish their food fast. The result is that school hunger troubles them. They can’t concentrate or they start ignoring to go to school, they make excuses.  No one can understand, why is it happening? Some parents take the child to the doctors. It is a serious matter to understand for the children who are studying in public schools also. 

Some schools in the country only give students 20 minutes to eat lunch, while others enjoy an entire hour. We’ll delve into the controversy surrounding the length of the lunch period and what the research finds in correlating lunch length to student performance.

By Sadhna Khanna

Lunch Break For Kids: Since in public school children stay for longer hours, In the quest to ensure students are getting all the academic instruction they need throughout the school day, lunch breaks are often the first item to go on the canteen block. Some school districts have cut lunch to just a few minutes, forcing students to gulp down their food as quickly as possible so they can return to their classrooms and devote more valuable time to studies. 

If we are giving our children a short lunch break, we are teaching them that food is an inconvenience, and eating is an interruption in the day. 

Sadhna Khanna

Lunch Break For Kids: But is it sufficient time for a midday meal really as non-essential as some school districts lead parents and students to believe? Some of the public schools in the towns have started giving two breaks, the first one is lunch break and the second one is a short break which they call a /fruit/snacks break. But have we ever seen that have they emptied their box within the allotted time or still they eat little and run out to play with their friends? It is also analyzed about the students’ food selection and consumption by monitoring by the teachers, what was left in their boxes at the end of the lunch period. As per the researcher why children are obese, it’s just because they generally skip the meals. It’s the latest trend in the overseas schools’ children go to school late say by 9.00-9.30am and also stay at school till late hours. They go to neighborhood schools only. if people shift their residence to a farther place their child’s name referred to another neighborhood school which is on walking distance from their new residence. It is mandatory for the school to admit the child.

Lunch Break For Kids: It’s all because of a child’s comfort. They give three breaks to children especially to smaller children the first one is for snacks, the second one is for lunch and the third one is for fruit. So many of them serve in the school and many carry it from home. Here they also give separate time for free play where children mingle and communicate as per their choice and overcome with formal class inhibitions. In such kind of school’s structure, the child looks forward to going to school even in holidays. Our country is bringing changes in the setup but HRD ministry has to lay down the rules and should make mandatory for all the educational institutions to follow. 

By Sadhna Khanna

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