Online Education In India: The Mode of Teaching surely have changed

online education in India

Online Education In India: Almost a decade ago we were thinking about vision 2020. Many things came to our mind, online education was one of them. The teacher use to discuss with their students about online education. “There will be no bags, books, and uniform.

Online Education In India: Children will not go to school, don’t have to get ready for the school or children who don’t get admissions in leading schools will be able to study online and many more.”Since 2017 many schools started teaching through online modules. Children were encouraged to go online, search, and to make their projects as per guidance of the teachers. No one knew that ‘vision 2020’will come alive all of a sudden due to ‘Covid-19’. Everyone is sitting at home and working.  Especially the children who sat at home and start studying online from home. That too when the new session was to start, children didn’t even meet their new class.

Online Education In India: Here which has come all of a sudden in front of children taking a lot of time to get acclimatized with such a system. Especially the children from rural areas whose parents didn’t have smartphones they had to buy by borrowing money or by selling some of their belongings. Children also have become indiscipline with no homework, lack concentration, no eating timings, no sleeping timings, everything has become topsy-turvy. Here I am condemning online education the children who start schooling from this session they will understand the concept of online studies right from the beginning. The infrastructure and environment will be according to the curriculum. 

Online Education In India: Although parents tend to worry about giving too much screen time for their children. “A survey conducted among low-income families by Central Square Foundation (CSF) revealed how — even in the pre-COVID days — children between the ages of 3 to 9, we’re spending an hour to 90 minutes each day on the screen, CSF is now advocating for this time to be spent on watching engaging and high-quality educational content to reduce the learning gap and achieve foundational literacy. With the governments pushing online education, there is also a gradual change in the perception of some parents that serious education cannot be done through cells.   “MHRD is contemplating i.e., restricting the length of class time to up to two hours on weekdays, getting parents and volunteers to help teachers, and requiring schools to offer content in multiple mediums to cater to students. Also providing for the physical and mental health of students, are all very good steps in the right direction.”The whole setup will take time to establish completely.

Like other countries the students will start earning while learning, those who can’t afford higher studies will be able to support themself.

By Sadhna Khanna

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