Nutrition and health: Is the mid-day meal enough for malnourished children

Nutrition and Health

Nutrition and health: A healthy mind lives in a healthy body. If the children are not healthy then how will their motor development happen? As the children of today are the citizens of tomorrow. “Article 6 of the United Nations Convention on the rights of the child says, Every child has the right to life.”India’s ‘Midday meal’ scheme is one of the world’s largest schools’feeding schemes. But still “The UN estimates that four out of ten children in India are not meeting their full human potential,  because of chronic undernutrition concept.

Nutrition and health: MDM solves the issues of hunger and education in schools by serving hot cooked meals by keeping in mind to improve the nutritional status of the child & encouraged to be regular in attendance and retention.  At most of the places, nutrition support is provided in Primary Schools. MDM also improves the socialization and solves the problem of malnutrition. It also empowers women’s employment. Children in government schools mostly come from families with a lower-income group. MDM also offers a platform for people to donate anywhere at any time. Now we do feel that Mid-day meal is enough for children who are influenced by malnutrition.

Nutrition and health: since they come from poor families. So many of them have low birth weight, born in such environment the mother herself along with the child don’t get enough minerals, carbohydrates, iron, and fats in their diet. All such contents could be improved probably, there would be a large increase in cash. If we talk about water, clean water is not the only problem from the microbiological point of view but also about the contamination of water is the cause of malnutrition. As per rule, each child should get 450 calories and 12grams proteins at the primary level. In a survey, it was observed by a journalist in Mirzapur that the children were getting salt and roti. Even Delhi did not meet the energy and protein norms.

” A researcher Farzana Afridi found that an improved MDM of primary school students by 100%, calories deficiency by 30% and iron deficiency by approximately 10%. She found these shortcomings “.

 Nutrition and health: Now the question is that the supply is like that the government or there is corruption in between. According to UNICEF— India ranks 10th in terms of the prevalence of underweight children in the world “.Actually in our country especially in rural areas children should be taken care of right from birth along with lactating mothers. As far as Mid-day meals are concerned with the classroom hunger.  The government has issued notice to schools to checklist the food under MDM and to maintain the records in the daily logbooks. It was also introduced to write their suggestions to improve the quality as well as quantity as per the ratio of children. There has to be a joint effort of the central government, state government, and the district government along with the school heads and staff to bring the level of Mid-day meal to uplift it and encourage more and more children to attend the school regularly. Thus there will be an increase in literacy in India. 

By Sadhna Khanna

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