Juvenile Crime: Why is government silent over juvenile crime in India

Juvenile crime

Juvenile Crime: First of all we have to look into the cause why juvenile cases have increased. we often overlook the underlying problems of a child, ie. poverty, social stigma, and independent decision making of adolescent that takes him towards the crime.
Juvenile Crime: Normally this is related to racism, sex disparities, being regularly molested at a younger age when one is unaware and helpless, lack of finance, or exploring towards new things without previous knowledge. There is an urgent need to find out from–the parental care, temperament, family influence, peer group, environment, or the rules laid down by the school.

Juvenile Crime: We also have to keep a check on the books &reading material, kind of gaming and sex-related sites, etc. Parents working in corporate don’t have time from their work and career, rich parents’ pampering and supply of ample funds, and the parents facing poverty, the lack of education. The mechanism in present life has no time to talk, share, and guide the children. They themself find the way out to solve their queries and problems, so many times they are scared of opening up with parents or to an elderly person. Mostly they feel comfortable talking to one of their elder peer group. In the adolescent age, most of the cases are of brutal child rapes and vulnerable sex abuse are in routine in juvenile. At puberty, if an adolescent is awakened to sexuality and is most likely to explore.

“Our silence around adolescent sexuality diminishes the ability of the already vulnerable child to seek help.”

Juvenile Crime: Till the dating law is protective of juvenile delinquents who are involved in heinous crimes. There are many arguments about juveniles-are they still young and immature. The government has to see that they are a danger to society. They should be dealt with by the law instead of sending them to social welfare homes. 

“After the Delhi gang-rape incident of 2012, the Juvenile Justice Act was amended in 2015 to allow juveniles between the ages of 16 and 18 accused of grave crimes to be subjected to criminal trial and punishment on par with adults.”

Juvenile Crime: But what if the criminal’s age is below 16 or say around 13-15 the matter should be looked in carefully to know about the actual reasons for the crime committed by a juvenile, should be put in to rehabilitate in the company of specialists. This should also be seen that afterward when he is back in society is not branded. There is still a lack of infrastructure in our country to deal with such problems. We have to expand in society about various children’s problems. First of all, there is a needs to talk to the parents and make them more aware. There are a lot many things happening for the care, protection, and rehabilitation of juveniles.

By Sadhna Khanna

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