Domestic Abuse: Why there are no options than tolerating the dominant

Domestic Abuse

Domestic Abuse: A pandemic carried through years which is ignored by ages and now it has become so common that some people didn’t find it erroneous. Domestic Violence an illness spread in our society for ages and it always increases because in our world it is okay to be violent with your partners. We shouldn’t be tolerant if something is done against our will but women should be accepting and easy-going on this issue. After all, it’s a matter of respect for the families her parents, and her in-laws and the so-called partner who abuses her. She is bound to keep the family matters inside the house and all other things are accepted from her except complaints. The list is too long that for how many things she shouldn’t speak and if she did, she deserves beating.

Domestic Abuse: This lockdown witness a steep rise in domestic violence cases and after that also continuing. During the lockdown, only helpline numbers that are working through WhatsApp and National commission for women that are working via phone calls have reported six calls per hour. Where in India only 1/3 women have access to the internet many didn’t know about it these helplines. even some didn’t know about their rights as well. The records maintained during a pandemic are not even half of the stanch crime. 86% of women in India don’t seek help about this issue and 77% did not even mention it to anyone. In rural areas, the condition is more inferior due to lack of education about their rights they thought it a matter of husband and wife. The reasons are many or sometimes there is no reason it’s about people who think it’s due to frustration, tension, and many more other imprudent and pointless reasons.

Domestic Abuse: This society remains voiceless when they see or listen about this crime in several cases the victim has made the statement that many people see or listen about it but nobody help. Even in some cases, parents of the victim have abandoned them due to society and their so-called respect. In a case, a victim is beaten up by her brother because she came to her parent’s house since she was facing domestic violence by her in-laws. In other cases, a victim is sent back to her house by a policeman when she went to complain about it and several unreported complaints like this who face this violence daily.

How is this illness will cure when it is taught to be lenient with this issue and why there are no options rather than tolerating the dominant?

By Mansi Sharma

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