Investment Management: Household ways of saving money if you are a teenager

Investment management

Investment Management: Teenage is such an age in which, who so ever is neither a ‘kid’ nor a ‘mature adult’. Whenever they observe their surroundings and think, “Only I or my friends give the right opinion”. 

Due to many changes in the overall personality, they think parents or any other elderly person in the family are obsolete and old fashioned, so they don’t know anything about what’s in. During is this time, teens are exposed to some extraordinary external and internal struggles. They go through and are expected to cope with all those.

Investment Management: Sometimes in order to fulfill their newly arisen needs and wishes, they start overspending without thinking a second thought about the financial status of their parents. As to show off in the peer group and to satisfy their self-esteem, they start stealing, telling lies, become dishonest and borrowing, etc. Now here you teens should know how to save from your pocket money whatever your family status is. It’s very hard to save at this age. When you want to buy new clothes, fashion accessories, new Phones, latest gadgets, eat outside, go for movies or whatever adds to your status symbol. But mind it’s not impossible. In the beginning, you feel conflicted or unmotivated to take out your money for savings. This is the time when you should understand the power and the time, like at what time, which need is to be put on priority. You have to inculcate the habit of saving because the power of habit is also very important like the power of time.

Investment Management: Once you start saving it will become your regular habit. So many of you do summer jobs and earn some money, you don’t feel like spending irrelevant because start thinking about target achieving hard work and getting extra incentives for doing extra. Here you yourself will experience the value of money. Here is a time when you can strike the iron when it’s hot, and start saving. Since cash is the hardest thing to track. It’s very essential to separate your money If you are facing problems it would be better to ask your parent, elderly person of your family or start exploring how to save. Always set a goal what’s your present need, set your priorities serial wise. eg. You want books to think of buying second hand and selling your old ones, by cutting and pasting some motifs give your Jean’s or dress new look, best out of waste by adding little things will also enhance your creative skills.

Investment Management: Fix a goal and save is key to good saving. Don’t suppress yourself and save but fix a day or date when you want to go for a movie or eating out. Try making a box where You can keep saved money have to control and forget its existence. Handover to someone whom you rely upon, open a saving bank account if you are eighteen just…explore if you have made up your mind. At this, you don’t like to be dominated to “this or that”  you keep getting guidance from many sources. But you have to set your own thumbnails to follow. If you really turn out to be a mature and wise adult. You need to do self-analysis to tackle your problems. 

Investment Management: Always remember to listen to your positive inner voice which leads you to a sensible, safe, and good path. Also never forget to seek help when you are in a dilemma. 

By Sadhna Khanna

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