Autobiography of people: that can inspire anyone in life to the fullest

Autobiography of people

Autobiography of people: “Live your life to the fullest” what does this saying mean? Is there anyone on this weird planet who has lived this life to the fullest and on their conditions.

Autobiography of people: Yes, two people have lived their life and do all the things they ever want to do. They start a little late but never fail Chandro Tomar and Prakash Tomar or I should shooter Dadis. Everyone knows about the world’s oldest women sharpshooter through the film made on them “Saand ki Aankh” (Bullseye). Both personalities are a perfect example of the above-mentioned saying “Live your life to the fullest”. We always achieve things but never celebrate them but they imparted us how to live for ourselves, from fighting for the freedom to attaining it wasn’t a relaxed way. But what makes them inspiring is that they never fail not only for themselves, they fight for every person out there who is put in a kind of cage.

Autobiography of people: We often listen to from our grandparents and parents that it is not meant for their age or even sometimes we feel like the same. But do you know these two wonder women started their career when they were in their early sixties setting an example of saying “Your body gets old but your heart remains young as long as you wanted”? A person should be like this we live just to cherish our body being fit and work to get a meal of two times. Everyone is running to get it but, have you ever thought what you wanted? Or what makes you happy?

We all are cherishing our body but what about our soul? These Dadis have made us realize that we should make ourselves happy to make ourselves a better person and to stand out of this crowd. Live your life to the fullest by doing what makes you happy and treasure you from inside.

By Mansi Sharma

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