Web And Webinars: How AI in India is leading to digitization.

Web and Webinars

Web And Webinars: “The artificial intelligence” when we think of intelligence which artificial and jingles our mind,” how weird is it “? How can it be artificial, it’s always real and natural. Without a live mind, intelligence can never occur. Yes, it is also as good as real because it is created by the real brain in the machine. Whatever machine creates and does all kinds of jobs is Artificial intelligence. It has transformed our lives digitally and data-driven.

Web And Webinars: These AI and machine learning turns our raw data into business impact in almost all the fields whether it’s marketing, healthcare, politics, news & media, education, nuclear war, or whatnot. Whichever country we look in they are busy building a new ecosystem in reinventing the key to modernization. Everyone has a smartphone, a common man can also easily assess.  At times when we give a big note he says,(AAP Paytm Kardo Humare Pas Chutta Nahi Hai)”please pay through Paytm I don’t have change. This is called the change in lifestyle. Now the question arises it is understood, that learning and getting trained for AI is very expensive.

Now here is the need to make people aware of the various websites and webinar which are available online free of cost. The government has also taken steps to make Wi-Fi available free of cost especially in rural 
areas. These websites and webinars have really changed the lives of people. Especially in this COVID time AI is of great help. All working from children attending online classes, shopping of daily needs, and many more ‘n number of jobs. Can we believe the country is run with the help of AI?

Web And Webinars: We still need many more fully trained people in the field of making things more accurately digitalized to avoid errors. One single click can ruin the whole world. This can only happen when AI is introduced right from the basic level as the main subject in schools. So that our youth can handle the AI smartly and wisely for the development of humans as well as the country. We should also be careful about the negative side of AI. Children pretend to study and get the prey on wrong sites, always gaming which distracts the studies.

Web And Webinars: We have become very lazy and inviting many physical problems, lack of communication, only expressing through images, no personal touch, we retain inside only, and many more. There are two faces of everything, we should follow the brighter side. We carry a huge amount of burden and if we drop the things or actions which carry the false identity and harm us, we should drop it out from our intelligent brain. So we should give an appropriate place to AI to make our lives easy, intelligent and comfortable.

By Sadhna Khanna

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