Rain Drowns Delhi: Preparations And Results, What Was Wrong

Rain Drowns Delhi

Rain Drowns Delhi: Roads have turned in Ponds and Lakes. Is it Delhi? Yes, it is, as Delhi struggles with the Coronavirus Pandemic comes the monsoon. And what happens next is the true failure of a governance model. And it is not just this time this has been a long ongoing disaster seen by Delhi and its people.

Monsoon arrived late this time in Delhi. But it sure made the people of Delhi ponder upon what is going on, in the name of development. The roads were filled with water and ponds were made out of the roads.

Rain Drowns Delhi: Rain is the most important factor in terms of water irrigation but at what cost. Delhi already has bad water conservation methods. It has become a concrete forest with no space for water to re-store in mother nature.

Water levels are degrading on a routine basis and what the Delhi has become from a Capital of a Nation to capital of issues. Where the issues just don’t end and are rising as the days are passing.

The government on the other side has failed itself and Delhi also in the name of development and progress. All the developments and Long roads are just converting Delhi a place full of turmoils of bad governance.

Rain Drowns Delhi: The Municipal Corporation Of Delhi has put on a bad image while presenting Delhi. They were not even prepared when the monsoon stuck the streets of Delhi. They had not evolved from the old politics and are not focusing on the increasing population of Delhi and its water needs. Delhi is the capital of India and this is the condition of Delhi. Then we can think of what is going on in the other major cities of the Country.

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