Gym and Exercise: The ways of being fit can be different but the motive is one

Gym and Exercise

Gym and Exercise: ‘A person should be fit and active’, we have often listened this line from people.

So, what is the first thought that came in people’s cognizance to get fit is to start going to the gym. Conferring to a survey conducted 65% of people believe that being fit means start going to the gym. But to your virtual reality the saying is not correct ‘Exercise means involving your body in any kind of physical activity and increase in your heart rate beyond resting levels’ to preserve your physical and mental health’. We need to understand that for being Fit and Active one doesn’t have only one option but many. In this lockdown, we have seen people posting their exercise and workout video at their social media handles and this is the proof for that.

To start your fitness regime the following are some ways in which you can be fit, active, and healthy.

Firstly, understand that your healthiness includes your psychological health too which means your mental well-being. Make your schedule according to too your capacity, ability, and strength.

Gym and Exercise: Due to workload and busy schedules even in the lockdown people are busy at work and often ignore doing exercise. Always take out some time for your workout sessions. Here is some exercise for all lazy lads out there it can be performed anywhere with shorter periods.

Yoga – we all know yoga is the master of all things from boosting up your metabolism to ease out your stress and many more it works great.

Jumping jacks – this exercise is easy to perform tones up your calves and deltoids too.

Inchworm stretch – this is the exercise perform before starting any heavy workout to it will activate your muscles and stretch your back and hamstrings.

Jump rope – jumping rope is a very effective exercise for the cardiorespiratory system, it strengths your calf muscles and helps in improving elasticity.

Alternative forward lungees – this exercise activates your body and trains your leg muscle.

By Mansi Sharma

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