Top Haunting Movies: Movies that can give you goosebumps every time you watch them

Top Haunting Movies

Top Haunting Movies: Top horror movies that will scare you giving chills down to your bone and making your hair stand. It is better to watch it with someone than to die alone watching it(preferable). Horror movies are something that needs more detail and practical focus than other movies or else people will find it just a piece of memes. 

  1. There are lots of movies that people find scary then there comes a movie that can give you actual nightmares. Texas saw chain massacre is a pure example of horror cinema. Top Haunting Movies Tope Hooper’s open with a gruesome sight, mildly creepy setup, and five dumped clueless kids.

William Fredkin’s The Exorcist also one of the scariest and well-constructed horror movies of all time. The story of the demon inhabited the woman and her recuperation. 

Romeo’s classic Night of the Living dead is something that will leave in in doubt of yourself. The word zombie was introduced way before and the concept re-animated corpses roaming here and there but what if they live with you in a room.

A frozen wasteland, silence, isolation, alienation, and suspicion with wonderful creepy rendition. The thing of John Campbell’s is about a creature who can replicate and another person.

Imagine being stuck all alone in a big hotel this only thing makes us feel petrifying. Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining is something like with two unseen able twin sisters and a bloody elevator.

Robert Wise The Haunting is based in Shirley Jackson’s about four poor souls who start digging into a house. They became slaves and sometimes hypnotized someone. 

The Blair witch project is ultimately a person itself showcasing young clever filmmakers with their idea of some scary filming lost in the woods. The film has set up viral sensations back then creating suspense and horror.

A cat and mouse game can also be a horror in itself and to know more about this you should watch inside but don’t if you start feeling creepy. Because it is advised that children and women in their final trimester are not advised to watch it. This goes the same for sensitive heart people.

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