Primary Education In India: The parent’s struggle or the kid’s

Primary Education In India

Primary Education In India: Nowadays every parent wants that their child goes to a school wearing a smart uniform with all the necessary modern belongings. The media has enlightened the villager’s parents also. There is a lot of improvement by the steps taken by the government as well as the private sector.

Here the question arises are they successful, has the parent overcome from the struggle for their child’s admission in a good institute who is only bothered about the child’s overall development. The parent by hook or crook arranges the admission of their child whether it’s near or far from their residence.

Primary Education In India: Is there struggle over? The answer is no. By the time child reaches class 4th, he loses interest in the subjects even in subjects like Hindi our mother tongue, just because of proper apprehension of basic rules of the subject. Parents again struggles spends extra money takes pass TC from one school to another and pulls the child to class 8th or 9th. Here is the time when the child falls and has no option.
Do we know why it is happening? It’s because of the weak basics of the child and because of “Lala company designer school” whose infrastructure tempts the enthusiastic parent who thinks That he/she couldn’t go to such school but their child will go. Nowadays opening a school is a good business in India. In order to convert the black money into white by investing in the making of the school. The land is also available on subsidized rates from the government. So, the owner acquires the degrees from here and there and becomes the principal or obliges some of the relatives who is just educated, to run the school. Also hires untrained teachers with little salary on a contractual basis.

Primary Education In India: Now look who is laying the foundation of the child. Ask any young boy or a girl they want to become teachers. They find it ” stagnation in the career and lowly paid.” They prefer to work longer hours and are highly paid. Here I would like to mention that I am talking about the private sector. I would like to bring the whole scenario into the notice of the system, that the schools who are being given land and license for school should be brought under one umbrella of a centralized primary Education system.  As such all schools should follow the rules laid down by the government of India. This way the struggle of parents putting the child in the best school will be over. The child will not be overburdened with hordes of books. The poor little will be seen in the park to play instead of going to tuition to read those devil-like books. The public schools should be taken over by the government. No neighborhood school should reject the children from the area around the school.

By: Sadhna Khanna

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