Board Exams News: How this year students dealt with their Boards

Boards Exam News

Board Exams News: There used to be great anxiety in the children of class 10th  because they use to appear for the first time in the board exams & they use to have butterflies in their stomachs. 

As we know that class 10th result decides the future career for many in our country. This time all the schools distributed the streams randomly as per the student’s choice, as per the performance in internal exams just like that,  whatever stream was demanded by the students.

Board Exams News: So many students who couldn’t do well in internal were guided and trained to perform better in board exams they are the sufferers who couldn’t know about their wit. Secondly, many students opted one particular stream due to false prestige, parent pressure, or peer pressure they are not aware of their interest & aptitude.

Board Exams News: There are many aspects to think about the future of our students. I think the Education system needs to be changed so that, whatever the circumstances are our children should be trained to deal with. They should take studies lightly but not as a burden or mental stress. The framework has to be flexible as per the need of society, Environmental scenario, financial status & “The Mental ability” of each child. Anyhow all the best to all the children who are waiting for their class 10th result. Let us hope for the best for the student’s future & students friendly Education system.

This year has a lot for the 10th class students as they are dealing with such a scenario which has stuck the whole world into a Tunnel where one can only keep quiet and wait for the sun to shine.

But not giving up on the morale the students who are good at studies has made sure to continue their studies even there is the corona. And they have moved one step towards digital education.

Digital education in India has a future but we can not assume until the whole of India is digitized.

By Sadhna Khanna

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