Graduation In India: The Myths Regarding The Top Colleges In India

Graduation In India

“I am in SRCC, I am in in Venky but I am a Stephanien 

Graduation In India: The students who can’t reach to such colleges they think of off-campus or in some remote area colleges. Believe it such children are more aware than that of those students. If they compromise with college and not with course, that way at least they are doing, what they wished to do and they have the potential & aptitude for it. They are not being diversified from their target which they want to achieve to be successful.

Now comes another type of child who go overseas for studying. Only 10% can make it to Harvard, Oxford, UCLA, etc. they are genuinely genius and also have a strong financial background and some who manage through Education loans. The other 90 % of students just go to buy a degree with their parent’s fat money. These degrees are just meant for matrimonial purposes.

Graduation In India: Another variety of students catch hold of affiliated private colleges though they also charge a lot, for prestige issues or peer pressure, they join these colleges. They don’t have regular staff and as such, they call people for guest lectures of and on to maintain the standard. As a result, they can only tempt people through infrastructure only. In such a scenario only a student is a sufferer. In my opinion, those who really want to study should prepare for entrance tests, the students who secure average percentage are more creative and intellectuals. I have seen people getting 95%, plus, and not selected anywhere because they book worms they are unaware of the outer world.
Graduation In India: Basically our Education system should need to be changed, it has to be student-oriented not the institute orientated. The system needs to train them as per the need of society and the demand of the market, industry demand, which also financially satisfies our modern student. In my opinion, the one who studies from “School of correspondence ” can also become CEO of a company

By Sadhna Khanna

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