Mica Mining In India: Shimmery children with no choice

Mica Mining In India

Mica Mining In India: You all love doing makeup and love to flaunt your exclusive and expensive makeup brands. But least do you know that all your shimmery expensive makeup is costing the lives of many people daily which includes children age two and three years old. Miles away in Jharkhand and Bihar mica are found in remote areas which is a livelihood for many people. Mica is found in several countries such as Russia, China, Finland, the U.S, and even Canada but India is the main source of it for the cosmetic industry. Around ¼ of worlds, mica is carried out from eastern India states.   Mostly in India mica mining is illegal but it is carried through as “Mica Mafia”, more than 22,000 children work in these illegal running mines to support their family.

Mica Mining In India

Sometimes even get kidnapped and forced to work in these mines. This is one of the most cruelty to a human being that more than adults’ children are forced and complementary to work here and the reason is extremely immoral. Mica is exaggerated from pit holes and for children with small hands are more suitable here and because of this reason, children are forced to work here.

Children used to crumble powder here for hours ducking on dusty floors. According to a survey conducted by Reuters, it is revealed that every seven in ten children died working in mica mining.

Mica Mining In India: With no awareness and due to extreme poverty, marginalized communities are being treated with extreme disadvantages. They are not given safety equipment’s which often results in respiratory problems like asthma, tuberculosis, silicosis, and other hazardous diseases. The children working here are already have scarred hands because of crumbling large and heavy rocks and using sharp hammers for breaking of these stones. These children too know that working here is life-threatening but still use to work to support their families. This exaggerated mica is sold to brokers on higher rates which sold them to manufacture and finally then purchased by big brands such as MAC, LOREAL, BOBBY BROWN, HUDA, and many more.

This is used to make the product brighter and more radiant such as eyeshadows, lipsticks, BB cream, and other makeup products.

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BY- Mansi Sharma

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