WHO Corona Update July: The conditions could get worse than expected

WHO Corona Update July

WHO Corona Update July: In a report issued by WHO. They came up with a report. That the cases of Corona in the coming days can go to a much worse scenario. And this could lead to a drastic change in society. The vaccine and delays in making of it as there are no particular symptoms of the corona. Anybody can be corona positive until and unless tested for it. They also said that improving immunity could also not help much in the cases. They also concluded if the steps to control corona are not taken at the earliest. It could damage the world and hence worsening the scenario.

WHO Corona Update July

The Chief of WHO Stated in a press conference on Monday. that many countries are handling the corona explode but some of them are on the wrong ways of tackling it as it could lead to disaster in those countries. And this also has to lead to the decrease of faith of people in the politicians and governments of the particular countries.

He also concluded that while handling the corona explode the cases are going up like never before and the guidelines are not being properly followed by some countries. that could worsen the current track of coronavirus.

Most Hit By Corona

South and North Americans are the most hit countries in the world and the USA is highly affected. As the tension between President Trump and the Health organizations is leading nowhere to but catastrophe. Leading to an increase in the cases of coronavirus patients which is already at a very high rate.

According to the stats, America is the most hit country by corona and the cases has risen to 33 lacks of patients and 1.3 lacks death in the only United States of America.

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