Google News Release: Sundar Pichai Led Google To Invest $10 Billion In India

Google news Release

Google News Release: Google is one of the topmost used searching platforms worldwide. This time google and Sundar Pichai has come up with a piece of good news for India. As the Team is planning to invest 10 billion dollars in the Indian sub-continent. As a part of new digitization process. In a press release, the team said this and now are on the process of it.

Google News Release

Google on Monday said it very clear that they are set to invest up to 10 billion dollars in the digitization of India. The tech giant also confirmed that this budget will be used for the next five to seven years. The Gaint also said that the funds will be used for tech operations, partner operations, and other processes too including equity investment.

Google News Release: The news came out when the Alphabet Chief Sundar Pichai and PM Modi had a meeting about digital India. And making sure that both parties could land up in a win-win situation. And helping more towards India’s digitalization with PM Modi’s consent.

Sundar Pichai Tweeted

Google News Release: Sundar Pichai The Chief of Alphabet and the subsidiary company Google tweeted that a Fund of 10 billion dollars is set up to enhance the digital economy of Digital India. And also said that they are proud to support the PM Modi.

PM Modi Tweeted

Google News Release: Later on Monday after the discussions with Alphabet Chief Sundar Pichai. PM Modi also tweeted that the new digitization would help in the growth of the Indian economy and help the Farmers through digitization. He also said that they discussed over a lot of things and how to evolve the Indian sub-continent and improvise the Digital India Campaign. They also had a word over the coronavirus pandemic and how the working culture is changing according to the times that we are stuck in.

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