Cocktail Movie Anniversary: Deepika Changed her Instagram name to Veronica

Cocktail Movie Anniversary

Cocktail Movie Anniversary: Cocktail one of the movie based on the blunders of the 20s and finally settling down. And Talking of Deepika Padukone who was playing the role of super fun and chilling girl. that did not have to do with the rules of life and all kinds of those things. And here on the eighth anniversary of the movie, she changed her Instagram Name to Veronica remembering that movie and thanking fans for their kind support. The movie did quite well and was one of the hit movies and below down is some of the memories of the movie just for your sheer pleasure.

Cocktail Movie Anniversary

Cocktail Movie Anniversary: Cocktail was one of the good movies to watch for every girl or boy who is in their twenties. A dream of doing all the things at once. The same is the story of this movie There are three main characters That is of Saif, Deepika, and Diana. The story starts with Saif dating Deepika and then her friend in the movie Diana. And then she feeling envy of both of them and going into a problem phase and then Diana and Saif reuniting back together. The movie is quite long but we are here for the character that Deepika Padukone did in that movie Below is that for you.

Deepika’s Role

Cocktail Movie Anniversary: Deepika played the role of a girl named Veronica. That was enjoying her twenties and was just chilling around with no bad intentions and accidentally fell in love with her counterpart in the movie Saif and then the whole girly thing happens where she soaks down in the wine and do all those cliche things which she should have not done. and here is About the other cast that was played by Diana Penty who was playing Meera and Then Saif who was playing the role of Gautam a flirty boy who first laid his eyes on Veronica and then Meera and finally settles with Meera.

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