Bihar Election Update: Corona has also impacted the Politics in Bihar

Bihar election update

Bihar Election Update: Bihar, a lot of changes since the pandemic started. From the issues of imigrant laborers to the increase in the cases. From rallies to strikes. Bihar has seen a lot in past few months. And the recent that corona did a strike at CM Nitish’s family member and he had to live in his guest house. And just few days back when RJD did a cycle rally with following the guide lines of corona issued by the government of India. Bihar has seen a rat crippling down the piles of Government papers. Some of the Simple assumptions of the parties that are going to be campaigning in Bihar.

Bihar Election Update

Bihar is a place of very different kind of people who do not have a rich to poor ratio very planned. There only selected people are rich and a lot of people come under the unskilled-labor section. Thus making a lot of challanges in Bihar in terms of every aspect. Be it the job opportunities in bihar. Some points that these parties will be having to say about their campaign.

Bhartiya Janta Party

The Immense work was done during this pandemic and handling it well the BJP government has a lot to include in their work done. They have good co-working with Nitish Kumar and allies. and the new election has a lot of chances of them getting a good proportion of seats to be in the lead and as well have chances of making the government again. They have a good government model in the center and in many states throughout the sub-continent.

Janta Dal-United

JDU have a quite shaking image here. as they were in the lead in the co-working setup of BJP and JDU. They have tried and yet they also have the possiblities of getting good proportion of votes but not as it is required to make a government alone. They wil manage to be in the power if they are still an ally to the BJP in Bihar.

RJD and Congress

The Maha-Gathbandhan is setup to be campaigning soon and they also have good chances as they might get average proportion of votes but not enought to be in power. It could only be possible if the JDUand BJP colition comes to an end then there are the chances of over coming the present government of JDU and BJP.

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