Celebrity Deaths: This Year Has Been Hard On The Bollywood Stars too

Celebrity Deaths

Celebrity Deaths: The Year 2020 was not a good year. With a starting from the pandemic. And still going on in towards the fall of all economic activities. Making it a hard year for all of us. But our beloved celebrities have also been not left from this situation as many have fallen apart from this Crisis and have started other means of earning money. But that is not that bad at least they have their lives in their hands. Meanwhile, there were some of the celebrities who lost their lives this year. Making this year most of the bad one. Celebrities like Rishi Kapoor and Irfan Khan were dismissed from the stage of life. We today are presenting your list of some of the Actors that left us in the year 2020.

Celebrity Deaths

Celebrities are the most popular in a country like India. as they showcase different lifestyles that anybody would love to live on the screen. Their voices are heard and they make very bold moves by doing all their acting. But one thing is for sure that one must be full of creativity to be an actor and these actors were one of the best that we had in our Bollywood.

Rishi Kapoor

One of the Most Talented and evergreen actors of India. Is now not with us as he died a few days back this year. He had a very versatile career with different genres of movies from Love to comedy and many more. He has been seen as a true lover in his on-screen acting. He was the son of Late Raj Kapoor and Father of Ranbir Kapoor who is also an actor with acting in his blood. Rishi Kapoor has done movies like Prem Rog and Bobby which were super hit on the screen and made his way to the Bollywood. He died on April thirty 2020. Leaving us all without him.

Irfan Khan

An actor with limitless acting and unmatched potential. he was one of the gems of the Bollywood with his best in Pan Singh Tomar. Playing a Role a retired Army turned decoit. He has been last seen in the movie where he was playing the role of a father that tries hard enough to let her daughter go and study abroad. His versatility has won him many awards. he died of cancer which he was getting treated for a long time. But at last, he left us with his memories still in our mind and his flawless acting.

Shushant Singh Rajput

The budding actor who was full of acting as well as dancing talent. he made his entry to Bollywood on his own. He has played a different set of roles as he has been the youth. and has been nominated for many awards for his acting. He has been seen in movies like Chichhore, Kedarnath, and Raabta. He did a suicide because of the ongoing pressure he was getting from the industry as they tried to suppress him.

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