Indian Political Scenario: A Stage For un-worthy Dialogues

Indian political Scenario

Indian Political Scenario: The presence of Political disruption and, clashes of opinion are always there in Indian politics. As of now in these critical situations, the political parties are not withdrawing with the culprit move. Blaming each other and hassling the scenario. Sure this is a matter of urgency as the corona is moving towards its peak. And the controversies at the border with China and Nepal.

Indian Political Scenario

With China, India has been noticed to have a long term enmity since the 1962 war. But the Governments didn’t notice it as much of a threat as it resembles now. on the other hand, there is Nepal that has come up with a new political map of Nepal that includes some districts of the Uttarakhand, India. Making it worse as we had a mutual understanding with both these countries.

Corona on the other hand made it that India will be sacrificing a lot of its citizens if the virus goes on like this. and the whole world is witnessing this be it the first world countries or the countries that are on the verge of development.

Playing the blame game

Indian Political Scenario: In the middle of all our political parties are not even trying to take stand against all these issues and instead of it, they are playing the blame game with each other. Recently Congress claimed that the government is using PM Cares Fund for an irrational approach. wherein, BJP replied that the Rajeev Gandhi trust is a scam made by congress to get funds from the public.

Wherein previously Congress Leader Rahul Gandhi blamed PM Modi of letting the Chinese Army in the Border for several kilometers. And also made an issue over the Deaths of the Indian Soldiers. And the ban on Chinese apps and products.

Indian Political Scenario: In the midst of all of this where we should come as a unit and stand together and act as one. Political parties are still finding routes and sources to get attraction from the public. In other terms, they are planning for the Bihar elections. which are scheduled to be soon.

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