Indian Democracy 2020: A Scenario after Covid-19

Indian Democracy 2020

Indian Democracy 2020: The times have come when the Indian Government should think of Corona and its lasting effect. The effect that is going to be there for a long time. That is not known to us. The rates increasing day by day of the Corona victims. As far it is concerned we have the best recovery rate and fewer deaths by Corona. India, where many developments are ongoing and are in a race of developing nations. India can change its policy of economic activities and it can be a win-win for both its citizen and them also.

Indian Democracy 2020

India should think of it as a unit not as a country with never-ending issues from religion to greed and many more things. everybody here in India must be equal and deserve the same rights. Some policies which we should keep in mind while corona is on its way to going to the peak. Some are listed below.

Equal Education

Indian Democracy 2020: Equal doesn’t mean that it is there just because of the law. It should be more like, where education is for all. No one should be left of the right to the eduction. Education should be made free for all. As far as the literacy race, well there is no proper definition, In India, if you are 12th pass you are literate. But what about the skilled manpower people are doing just random things just to survive? SO skills no one has nothing except the ones who are highly qualified. This neither treats the society equal and nor nature. As everybody is equipped with the skill and if he doesn’t he gets a chance to explore his opportunities.

Equal Work

Indian Democracy 2020: As we all know half of the nation is sitting idol at homes and just a few are the part of our economy. This also includes the Un-employed. this will Lead India not any close to developed. We should more of giving work to every individual in one way or the other. The government has all of this pending work hire interns For that train them and then take tests. this will enhance their chances of getting more good results. As they will be First have gotten the exposure.

Equal Salary

Indian Democracy 2020: People often just quit their passion for the sake of money. And end up in a high paid but life-sucking job. The government must make all the companies report to them for every update. making new departments in the government and more jobs in government. And this will also ensure the literacy rate of the country.

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