Lockdown Movies: Hilarious and Frightening movies to watch in Lockdown

Lock down movies

Lockdown Movies: Movies are a great time pass and it doesn’t have to relate to your age you can watch any type of movie. Movies ranging from love, fiction, humor, comedy, and many more we have picked a handful of movies for you so that you can sit tight at home. And enjoy some of the genre-wise movies suggested by us. Let’s have a look.

Lockdown Movies 2020

Movies has a very deep impact on our way of behaviour. they are somewhere related to our emotions and the ways we take things. And movies have their vibes which they emit to us some are positive and some put great impact on us.

Love Movies

Lockdown Movies: Love teaches us a lot and their ways of love are just not ending for our movie creators some movies to watch along this LockDown are first “fifty-first dates“. This is a movie on a girl and boy who fell in love and the girl has her memory erased every day and makes it to the day when she had the accident in which this thing happened and this boy loves her so much that he goes to her and asks her more than fifty times.

The second movie to watch is the “Newyork” its a Bollywood movie and its a love triangle between Jhon Abram, Katrina Kaif, and Neil Nitin Mukesh. it is a movie in which these three are best friends and the two boys fall in love with Katrina but she chooses Jhon and Neil goes back to India and later comes back to rescue Jhon for doing a terrorist attack.

Action Movies

Yes if you are a fan of action movies you must watch Mission Impossible series. its a story of the spy who does all these things which we get attracted to like shooting and having a hideout and many more things. The star cast consists of Tom Cruise in the lead. But its a “do watch movie” if you haven’t watched it till now.

This one is Indian as it is the best action movie in the history of India having lead Hritik Roshan and Tiger Shroff. They both are also spies for India and they go in a mission together and after that Hritik turns to be rogue and Tiger chasing him but in the end, Tiger was the main culprit.


So when thinking of fiction movies only one thing that comes to mind is the movie interstellar it’s a fictitious movie about the exoplanets. And time and earth turning, slowing weaker to habitat humans. And they go in search of another planet.

In Indian cinema Robot, a movie led by Rajnikanth is one of the best movies in Bollywood. And its a story of a robot Chitti who goes rogue and then he is captured and dismantled by all the means.

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