300 Or More In Odi: The Odi’s Were Never Easy

300 or more in odi

300 Or More In Odi: “And a great chase by India and what an innings.” This is the part every Indian like while watching cricket. Why should we not? We are there for the Indian team in their bad and good. But the times got tough even where India either made a target of three hundred or above and some times chased it. Lets Check who are the top countries in either chasing or making a ton thrice.

300 Or More In Odi

Some days and shiny and some are dull but making a ton thrice is some commendable batting and batting order. Not only India has done this but many countries have done this many times. But let’s check out India’s figures.


India Where is the team that is at the top of the order with seventy-eight matches played. Where they either managed to score more than 300 or chased the score. And the matches won are at the highest score of sixty-two. And they have made the highest score of 418 For Five wickets.


300 Or More In Odi: Australia where has managed to make a score of three hundred or above seventy-five times. And their matches won score is even better than India which at sixty-seven wins on their side. And the highest target of four hundred thirty-four in a match.


Pakistan has made it fifty-Eight times in the past years. And has won fifty matches out of them with the highest total of three hundred eighty-five for seven wickets.

South Africa(54)

300 Or More In Odi: Right after Pakistan comes South Africa with fifty matches in which they made it across three hundred. And have won in forty-seven matches of them with the highest of Four hundred thirty-eight for nine wickets.


300 Or More In Odi: SriLanka is at the bottom of the table with only forty-seven matches with a score of more than three hundred. And Thirty-eight matches won out of them with the highest of four hundred forty-seven runs with nine wickets.

These countries have the best of the stats when they come to making three hundred or more and chasing it. But one thing that we must check that the batting orders of these teams have the same pattern. First, the less aggressive ones for a good start and then the most aggressive one’s order wise so that the rest team members can chase well. And they all have similar bowling patters be it collaborating a spin and fast bowling strategy or any other mix.

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