India Nepal Border: Cutting dependence across the borders

India nepal border

India Nepal Border: Nepal and India relations are now being compromised by the Nepalese government as they have started vengeful military activities on the India Nepal Border. Where Nepal has deployed its military units and has started heavy patrolling on the borders.

India Nepal Border

Nepal Government has started to build a road alongside the border on the Dharchula-Tinkar road project. Near the Ghantibagar of Dharchula District. Alongside with the Indian district Pithoragarh. Last month The government sanctioned the Nepal Army to construct the roads so that Nepali citizens do not depend much on the Indian roads. The second point of view by the government was to get to the Chinese border which is touching the Nepal Border.

However, This projet will allow Nepali Citizens to reach their villages without crossing the borders and it will be helpful for the Nepali Army to patrol the borders. The government took steps in a meeting to let a section of Nepal Army to construct an eighty seven-kilometre road on the border. A mule track is also the part of the construction which will be of four hundred fifty meters in length and two meters wide for the mules and their owners for the local people for carrying deliverables.

Once the army opens the mule path the village people of the local are will not hae any difficulty in entring their villages without crossing the indian borders. “Said a report”

India Nepal Border: The escalation of the road has been done due to the process going on of the new Nepal map where some districts of Uttarakhand, India and included in their map. Ramifying the relations between the Nepal and India on the border issue.

Now a new problem is being faced by the local people living on the borders of Nepal and India. As the new map of Nepal that has been passed in the parliament of Nepal has risen up with this issue.

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