India And Its Politics: Know what is the political pattern of India.

India and its Politics

India And Its Politics: India is a country of very unique people living and who had as many beliefs and mismatches. But they all have this same pattern in many cases which are presented in the Article. As the Title will look familiar to you but very strange both at the same time. so without further ado, We will check out the facts which lay like this.

India is a country run by rulers and first the kings and then England. And I am mean the king as no religious comments.

India is a country where there you will find every religion of the world. And they have their own teachings and blessing.

They were taught about the gods and their avatars who were kings and princes thus they have a total Faithful and very naive relation with gods. As they are taught that God is everywhere.

India And Its Politics: Thus, we can say that Indian people are very firm about their beliefs and mismatches as they all believe in many religions and moral values. And making them loyal towards their king. We all can take examples from the previous case of “Ram Janam Bhoomi” And Babari Masjid they had different beliefs.

And then the time came of the Britishers. who kind of invaded us as they ruled us for 200 years. they made Indian people loyal to them by all means. I mean all means, By both hook and crook.

You now get what I am trying to relate it to. And If then please do continue and if didn’t then also continue. So moving Further.

When India was getting freedom. Late Mahatma Gandhi and Late Nehru became the face of the nation. But Main people like Late Shastri and many were at the backend.

India And Its Politics: Nehru, just got the faith of Indians which they previously had on kings and British people. He did all the possible decisions that were required at that time. Be it signing of Independence, You may think of it as easy but when you talk of negotiation and sitting there Mahatma Gandhi who was happy to have anything. And the partition was it easy on both the sides. And then there is only one alternative have faith in the god and the kings who now became King and they obeyed Nehru and his whole generation.

And Indians also have a habit of reusing all the things which until they expire that is what Indians did with Congress. And welcomes BJP in Governance of PM Modi. As they find something very unique in him. Let’s see how far can his charm go.

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