Dhoni Retirement: No plans, for now, Coaching is the second phase

Dhoni Retirement

Dhoni Retirement: Dhoni is amongst the best wicket keepers and a wonderful sportsperson. He has shown tremendous efforts in careers that have made him proud. We can recall the t20 world cup and his amazing captaincy records. He had been having a perfect sense of playing and judging. And now from a few times, there have been rumors going on about the retirement of Mahendra Singh Dhoni.

Dhoni Retirement: But he has commented and his wife also commented that his decision is not under process. he will still be playing. People say that every sport has an age till which a player can play. But not every player ends up giving up his/her career.

Dhoni has something very different plan before retirement. He will be starting his cricket coaching career. That is scheduled to go live online by the second of July. Dhoni’s plans for this coaching academy are to place it globally. South African player derrick is also supporting him in this venture. He is the director of the project.

Dhoni Retirement: He will be starting his journey with Aarka sports private limited. This is all before Dhoni retirement plans. And by this, he wants to deliver the best of cricket players in India and Globally. This is just the start he would be the Indian Teams Coach someday.

Dhoni Retirement: In this Coaching Academy, different levels of players will have different coaching styles. The players who are at the age of 7-10 also have a chance amongst the top format players. They will be having different modules for different age groups and different formats.

One of the Official at the Dhoni’s cricket academy. That is in association with Aarka sports private limited has said that they have done this coaching in many states. The results were overwhelming. Further, they gave training to about 200 coaches. that have made it easy to functionalize with smooth processing.

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