IndiavsChina: The Leap Of Faith Shattered and kept at stake

IndiaVsChina relations are stake

IndiavsChina: Unresolved issues: The Terms and Laws between India and China were at stake in a few days back. And the Leap of faith has been taken for granted and were shattered down to pieces. then the Chinese newspaper quoting and blaming India as they tried to defend themselves from India. Still not revealing the casualties of the fight that both the countries had on Monday night.

IndiavsChina: Unresolved issues

Yet China is not even trying to show that they are calming down and instead of the friendly approach its Government newspapers are blaming India of a forceful fight between both the armies at the southern side of the Galwan River which made them defend themselves as they were forcefully brought into it.

The recent meetings with the prime minister of China before the CoronaVirus outbreak from China at the end of the previous year, 2019. the prime ministers of both the countries met each other in their countries hosting each other as the hosts in the last year. To make the relations better than the previous ones. But in the middle of the coronavirus outbreak, they decided to carry on the border issues. which severely are taken for granted and malfunctioned and tampered with.

IndiavsChina: Unresolved issues: This time India has shown China that we are one as a nation when it comes to our soldiers and we will not let you bully us and we will be quite. India has the capability of defending and attacking any country in the world especially China and Pakistan. As India is no more poverty-ridden. that the government is improving and what not all types of quotes being said by the ministries in all the states be it Congress or Bhartiya Janta Party driven. Both the parties are showing below the needed development and yet we are when they call for Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, and whatnot. we get divided every time be it the Muzaffar Nagar riots or the Delhi riots of 2019.

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