India-China Clash: Deaths Of the soldiers on the border

India-China Clash

India-China Clash: On Monday night the disaster struck on the Indo-China border. When Chinese Army soldiers started the activity in the buffer zone. In response the Indian army warned them. Making chaos in the buffer zone and leading in deaths of soldiers on both sides.

India-China Clash

The Indian Army confirmed the death of its twenty soldiers who were brought down to death by the Chinese army. Result of aggressive behavior from the Chinese side on the Line Of Actual Control near Ladakh’s Galwan area. This incident has been reported as the worst flare-up in the past five decades.

The argument triggered when some of the Chinese soldiers started building a new post in the southern area of Galwan river which comes under the buffer zone in order to retaliate the Chinese soldiers the Indian Army took these steps.

In the aggressive fight between the two armies, soldiers either fell or were pushed in the river. Some bodies have been found from the river and some of them very brutalized harshly. Both Armies had the casualties but the Chinese Army did not go public with this news and any of the casualties in the vicinity.

Indian Army also said that the Galwan Area where it is a buffer zone has been disengaged by both the armies. After the incident took on Monday night. And the Indian Army is serving its best to calm down the situation. But the soldiers who were tragically injured had to go through a lot of pain due to the bad weather condition in Ladakh’s Galwan area.

Last Deaths were noticed on the Line of Actual Control in the year 1975 when the Chinese troops ambushed the Indian Patroling soldiers. A violent clash had not been noticed since 1967, which was at Nath La where it had a disastrous impact.

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