Xiaomi And Redmi: New Mysterious phone to be launched

New Xiaomi smart phone

New Xiaomi Smartphone: Redmi has been a consistent player in the smartphone industry. Where it has been known for its quality and affordable phones in the Indian market. It has been a gap of around six months in the Redmi phone series. Talking of Redmi k series and Redmi k-30. This has been related to the launch of the latest Redmi k-40 to surface online.

New Xiaomi Smartphone

The new Xiaomi smartphone with M2006J10C as product id was seen on the 3C certification sites. The phone is loaded with an MDY-11-EX charger and a 33W power battery. With this power, the smartphone is said to be in a mid-range of devices like Redmi k-40.

If the phone is not Redmi k-40 then it could be the next upcoming smartphone Xiaomi MI CC10 which is also codenamed as CAS. Which was also seen surfacing on the web with a 108-megapixel Samsung HM2 camera sensor. It has a periscope lens for optical zoom and 120X digital zoom.

With the powerful specification, it has been carrying the legacy of the older version of Mi CC9. And a must-have 33W charging slot for fast charging. The rumors are also there that the phone could have the latest Snapdragon 775G chipset present in it which is said to be launched on the seventeenth of June 2020. Which is an upgraded version of the previous snapdragon chipset?

While the launch of Snapdragon 775G chipset there might be the chances of getting a glimpse of how the Xiaomi CC10 would be working.

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