93rd Oscars: Postponed for 4th time in history

Oscars postponed

93rd Oscars postponed: Every movie star wants to have an oscar for them. Be it the Hollywood stars or stars from any other country. everybody dreams of getting an oscar. But the jury is quite tough on the selection of movies, or the stars. They pick out the best of the world’s cinema and award them with this golden opportunity. But this time there is a twist in the Oscars. As in the history of Oscars its the fourth time that the date of the event is being postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

93rd Oscars postponed

93rd Oscars postponed: Academy of motion picture arts and science said on Monday that the Ninety-third Oscar awards will be held on 25 April. 2 months after the original date due to the coronavirus and its impact on the cinema industry. The academy’s governor also added that the time wind for accepting the nominations will be February twenty-eight 2021. Also, there will be a delay in the opening of the academy museum of the motion picture which was due in December 2020 and will start in April 2021.

The twelfth Governors award has also been canceled in which the academy officials were about to be bestowed with the awards for their tremendous efforts. Due to the same reasons and the president of the academy has also said that the date has been extended so that the movie makers do the correct thing so that their work doesn’t get penalized by the catastrophe that is not any body’s hand. And go with the flow of time.

93rd Oscars postponed: The film academy has been tensed as the current year has been a disastrous one for the cinema world. As the cinema and theatre are shuttered and most of the film festivals have been canceled. Also, the season has suffered a lot from mid-march. As the most popular film festival, the Cannes film festival has also been canceled.

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