Islamabad: Two Indian Officials Missing

Indian Officials went missing in Islamabad

Two Indian Officials Missing: Two of the Indian high commission officials are missing from eight a.m Monday morning. The ANI reported it and the Indian government has also asked Pakistan for an answer to these missings. In a report, the Indian government has also deported two of the Pakistani officials a few weeks back, they were accused of espionage. The two were working in the visa generating process.

The reports also conclude that several officials of India were aggressively traced in Pakistan, over the past several days. The Indian government also tried to make conversation with the Pakistan government to let down with these tailing of the officials.

An incident was reported was Mr. Gaurav Ahluwalia, who is an official from India in Pakistan. It is said that his vehicle was followed by ISI (Inter-Service Intelligence). A biker was reported following him in his way. In March the Indian government sent a protest note in the context of the increasing issues of tailing, tracing, and misbehaviors with the Indian officials deployed in Pakistan.

Two Indian Officials Missing: A report says that India cited 13 such cases in the note to the Pakistan government to put an end to such kind of misconduct with the Indian officials. And do a proper investigation in this case and tell the agencies to stop doing this kind of tailing.

We all know that there are a lot of differences between India and Pakistan from the years. And we have seen a lot of conflict going on the borders. An almost daily breaking of ceasefire rules by Pakistan Army. And India Giving the exact amount of reaction to it. But this case is of most urgency as officials are being harassed in Pakistan.

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