Related With Boundaries, Far apart Idealogicaly

India And its neighbours

Related With Boundaries: India has a very vast and distinct history that it shares with its neighbors. It shares boundaries with countries like Pakistan, China, Nepal, Bangladesh, Myanmar, and Srilanka. But with each of these countries, India has a unique history of diplomatic issues. There were some conflicts then and there still now. India has emerged as one of the leaders of the Asian continent. Be it the economy or the political structure of India. We have come up as one of the best Democracy in the world.

Related With Boundaries: To enjoy the best of relations with these countries India has adopted some foreign policies that are on a high diplomatic level. Where India is neutral and has no involvement in these country’s borders. Despite the fact, that they do not push India into hard situations. Just like the case of China, it always has shown a stubborn side to India. And India before the BJP regime has always got on the terms of the Chinese Government. Now, the government of India led by PM Narendra Modi is ever ready to do tit for tat. In the past few days back India and China were having conflicts over the LAC. Both countries stood against each other very firmly. By doing several Army Drills on the borders and creating a chaotic situation in the countries. After the leadership of Now PM of India, it should not be taken for granted. India has all the abilities to confront China. In 1954, to avoid such chaos the then prime ministers of India and China signed a Panchsheel pact. That was meant for the mutual agreement of borders and other internal affairs and should not intervene in between them.

Related With Boundaries: Pakistan is one of the most volatile neighbors of India. Pakistan has very diplomatic relation with India. They both share the same history before 1947. Pakistan has been devious towards India since its Inception. Be it the relocation of citizens in 1947. When Hindu migrants were slaughtered while coming back to India from Pakistan. Or be it the Kargil war that they lost to us. In the present times, terrorism and diplomacy are the only handy tools of aggression that Pakistan uses against India. And the unforgettable case of Jammu and Kashmir, that has always been the cause of differences between the two countries. The inseparable history they share, in a situation where India and Pakistan should have the best of relationship in the world. Pakistan with his negative ideologically inherited politics. That has been ruling since its old days. Never made it that far with India. To know more continue on

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