The Pak Polity: Afridi on backfoot, declared corona positive

Afridi on backfoot

The Pak Polity: In the past few days, The former cricketer. Shahid Afridi has been trying to get into the politics through a lateral entry or wild-card entry. He has shown some tremendous efforts in reaching out to the local public in Pakistan. He is one of some celebrities who did something rest made sure how to make a nuisance in the country. But was this mercy for the public of Pakistan or some kind of stunt? to make sure of his late entry to politics.

A pitch in the process of making ready for the first innings of Afridi in politics. As he now claims that he has corona. A matter of life life and death as if this was a pilitical stunt. Then there are many chances of him being the one of the pillars in the pakistani democracy.

And all of a sudden Pakistan has also launched its budget with 1.3 trillion for its army. Pakistan already has money issues, which have landed them in a declining economy.

The Pak Polity: Making Prominent personalities like Afridi and utilize their money in campaigning around the country. So that the voter forgets the whole wrongdoings of, mislead government of Pakistan. And forgive them on the name of Afridi. Anyone of both could be the cases. To know more continue on

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