Corona And Economy: India Vs China

Indo-Chinese Relation

India Vs China: In the midst of coronavirus pandemic, the world has seen many changes. Be it the Anti-Chinese movement in certain countries.  And the increased tension on the LAC due to several ongoing army activities by both the countries.

But one thing is for the sure world is waiting for another superpower to come up. And save the human race from this epic coronavirus. Where all the countries have tried hard enough to cope up, India has seen many internal changes. Be it the “Vocal For Local” or the “Made In India” campaign.

The Government of India has come up with all the possible plans to make sure that we win this race steadily. But to overcome the economy of China it is hard for India yet possible. India is about to surpass the Chinese population by 2022. Making India the most populated country in the world, India here despite ample manpower lacks skilled-manpower.

India Vs China: According to the latest figures, the Indian economy is increasing by a rate of 7.1%. Whereas, talking about china it has seen a decline and has fallen to 6.7%. But this does not mean that India will surpass China in the near future. At this conversion rate and China not doing anything about its economy, India has a good opportunity.

Many of the Indian nationalist and right-wing politicians has projected India as an alternate superpower to china. And they have provoked the Indian government to abandon the bilateral relationship between the two countries. That the two neighbors have developed since the 1980s after the indo-china war.

India Vs China: Even if the Indian economy is increasing rapidly, Its Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in 2016 was $2.5 trillion. And when compared to China, They had $11.4 trillion back in 2016. Separating both the economies to a large extent, while moving over the per capita GDP India is no way near China. In 2016 India’s per capita GDP was $1718 and China was at $8260. No comparison in per capita GDP as China superseded India to a large extent.

To really surpass the Chinese economy, India needs an annual GDP growth of 30%. Otherwise, at this rate, India will only be able to overcome the Chinese population by 2022. The steps that India is taking now, the Chinese government already took in the ’70s. That they transformed itself from a centrally-planned economy to the world’s factory, back in the 1970s. Also what china did back in 1978 and which India is doing in the current times. The government while planted the policies of economic liberalization gave itself time to root.

India Vs China: However, India’s tremendous growth and transformation have now opened a stage for the debates about the new superpower. India and China are the two most talked-about competitors in the global market. There is no clear strategy on democracy and the economy. But countries like Taiwan, Chile, Singapore, and Malaysia have seen tremendous growth. And on the other hand, we can see countries like Zimbabwe, Congo, and the Philippines which have seen hardships. But not all democracies are like India, in the west most of the rich countries are developed democracies. So it is hard to call whether a democracy rule is a better or an authoritarian rule. 

India Vs China: A country’s economy cannot grow until there are disputes and instability inside the country and with its neighbors. Former Prime Ministers A.B Vajpayee and Manmohan Singh acclaimed that there can never be growth till the disputes continue. The Mumbai attacks and refusing LEMOA didn’t stop Manmohan Singh to continue relations with China and Pakistan. But the now PM Modi led government wants to change and to stop being harassed by the neighbors on the borders. to know more continue on

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