After Mumbai Now Its Delhi


In the past few days, Mumbai and Delhi have been in the limelight. Due to their misconduct towards coronavirus patients and strategies. First Mumbai was the target as the rise in coronavirus victims rose like a high fever. And similar happened in Delhi. Where the Delhi government was held responsible for the rise of the no of the coronavirus patients. But one thing that was common in these two Cities was that they are governed by two different parties. In Maharashtra ( Mumbai) it is a mutual government of Shiv Sena, Congress. In Delhi it a uni led government of AAP party. Making it a differ of opinion as there is BJP in the center.

The question is not this that which state has which government. But the question is why there is a difference of opinion in state and center government. And after researching a lot we have come to a conclusion. That in Mumbai the population distribution is in such a way, That some places are densely populated and some are having fewer people living lavishly. This is the only problem in India and many states of India are affected by this kind of irregular distribution of the population. In the case of Mumbai, the local slum has been the cause of the rise in cases.

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In terms of Delhi, the case is similar and the population distribution is similar. Where we have local slums that are densely populated. And the state is suffering with the enormous rise in the cases of the coronavirus patients.

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