The National Lynching: Palgarh and Bulandshahar

The National Lynching: The root cause is in itself lynching of the devotional thoughts of Indians.

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From the past few days news has been flaunting about the deaths of the two Monks and one driver in the Palgarh mob lynching. And one Monk in the Bulandshahar district of Uttarpradesh. people have been arrested and many have been found the culprits of the case but why it has become a national agenda. As in India secularism in itself has divided India into religions. people of different minorities are coming up and identifying them as less focused and not being taken care of by the government of India. Such people are creating nuisance in the society. People without knowing the full definition of secularism say that they need the freedom to be it in the case of Kashmir or be it the Hindu-Muslim conversations on the debate shows on the news channels.

people across the country have different definitions of secularism but Baba saheb Ambedkar did not add secularism in the constitution just for some political reasons but for the unity of the country. And let people be under one roof that is the national roof of Indian Democracy.

Misunderstandings have been made by the leaders of now in order to divide us in terms of secularism as in recent times the situation is the correct example of secularism Yes, Corona is the true example of corona as it is equal for each individual be him/her Hindu, Muslim, Christian or Sikh.

But agendas are made and then dissolved in accordance with the suitability of the situation just like in the case of NRC and CAA Protest. Agenda was made and then dissolved just for the advantage of getting votes in this critical situation.

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