The Irrational Approach: Covid-19

The Irrational Approach: Measures to be taken by the Government and by the public also.

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In India, no state have been left from the impact of coronavirus. And somewhere we are the reason for this irrational approach of corona in the nation as some places are filled with cases and some places are free from it. and who is responsible for the districts which are more prone to this virus. it’s obviously people like us. Leaders of Today have divided us in terms of religion once again be it the Muslims who have gone to mosques or be it the people who went to gurudwara in Mumbai or be it the people who lynched the monks in Palgarh or Bulandshahar. it’s the public of different region who is responsible for being irregular while handling the coronavirus. The government of India is not to be blamed for any of this as they have taken all the positive measures. Measures from handling the rumors to handling the public from coming onto the roads. But still, opposition parties still think that all this is because BJP wants and profit out of it.

If anyone is getting profit from this is the regular man who needs to stay at home in this chaos. As getting outside of houses will lead them into getting infected by a coronavirus. But no the opposition is saying that let people go to their hometowns as they are not being fed properly by the government. what can you expect a country with a population of one hundred thirty-five crore people to be fed this easily and out of which many of them are unemployed and below literacy rate?

In India, the population distribution is in such a manner that most people come from socio-economic problematic backgrounds and thus can not sustain for a longer time if the virus takes more time to recover. And recovering from this is only in the hands of the government as this is another kind of phenomenon. This phenomenon can not be contained without each citizens agreeing to it.

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