Plasma Therapy: One Step Ahead and Back

Plasma Therapy: Can it be the deciding factor till ICMR approves it.

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Plasma Therapy: In the recent past few acts, the Government of India has come up with a lot of changes in the administrative behavior and policies regarding the Covid-19. And in recent news home ministry approved Plasma therapy as one of the viable ways of preventing coronavirus. It’s later Reveal it showcased that it is not approved by the ICMR and other policy taking authorities of India. Meanwhile, all this process was taking place and people were donating their plasma. this news came stating that no particular prevention technique has been decided for COVID-19. But why at first plasma therapy was approved and later it was flagged off. Some say this and some say this but some media channels state that its a conspiracy theory for making people more attentive towards life as we call it. As we humans nowadays have a tendency of taking things lightly and if Plasma therapy was supposed to be a preventive measure then people would not have taken corona seriously. And making people going irresponsible towards the momentum which our government has taken for such a long period. but some say it has to be done otherwise controlling people would have been difficult for the officials.

Plasma Therapy: Meanwhile, many rumors are being spread about the vaccination of the Coronavirus that this country and that countries have started research and development on this topic but going to the real roots is almost difficult not impossible. We as a nation should come up together as one and work for the cause of hour which is corona and which have made us come together as one unit.

Plasma Therapy: Being one does not mean that we have to roam on roads and help the poor but we should avoid going out of homes. rather than that we should stay at home and help our kids and siblings as they need our attention. To know more continue on sylwritingflicks.

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